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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the formal structure of the Commission? The Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) is governed by nine members appointed by the governor and they serve with the consent of the senate. The executive director answers to these commissioners.
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Who is my field service agent? The state has been divided into seven regions, to find your field service agent go to the field services page on our web site.
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If I receive pre-trial diversion for a criminal offense, does this make me ineligible for licensure by TCLEOSE? Not if you successfully complete the terms of the pre-trial diversion agreement. Pre-trial diversion is different from deferred adjudication and court-ordered community supervision or probation. However law enforcement agencies may not hire you if they determine it is not in their best interest.

When I was a young adult, I received deferred adjudication for a Class A Misdemeanor. Someone told me that this disqualifies me from becoming a peace officer in Texas, is that correct? Yes, an adult Class A Misdemeanor conviction or court-ordered community supervision (adjudicated or deferred) is a lifetime disqualification for licensure as a peace officer or jailer in the state of Texas.

Are the requirements for becoming a jailer the same as a peace officer? No, Rule 217.1. identifies the specific requirements for each license.

Do I need to have both a psychological and a physical examination prior to enrolling in an academy? Yes, effective May 1, 2009, Rule 215.15 began requiring both a psychological and physical examination for basic peace officer training.

A nurse-practitioner conducted my physical exam and I had a drug screen conducted by one of those medical facilities. I don't know if a doctor reviewed the information from the nurse of the drug testing center or not, is that sufficient? No, according to Rule 217.1 you must have been examined by a physician, selected by the appointing or employing agency, who is licensed by the Texas Medical Board. The physician must be familiar with the duties appropriate to the type of license sought and appointment to be made.

I have passed my licensing exam and applied to law enforcement agencies, but no one will hire me. Can TCLEOSE require that an agency hire me? No, law enforcement agencies make the hiring decisions.

Can I become a peace officer in Texas if I was a peace officer in another state?
It depends on your work history and training. Go to the FORMS AND APPLICATIONS page of our website and find the Out of state Eligibility Form.  This application explains which documents must be submitted to be considered for the Texas licensing process.  If after reviewing the requirements you have questions, gather your training records and call TCLEOSE at 512-936-7700.  Because each situation is different, your call could be lengthy. Make sure you have paper, pencil, and if possible, access to the TCLEOSE website at www.tcleose.state.tx.us, when you call.

Can I become a jailer in Texas if I was a jailer in another state? No, Rule 217.1 requires you to successfully complete the current Texas Basic County Corrections Course.

How do I download forms? Go to the Forms, Publications, and Research page and click on the form or item name to download the form.
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How do I schedule a licensing exam? You should call the exam site center that supports your area. For a list, go to the exam site page. For further information, you can contact us at 512-936-7700.
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Can my agency get money from the State of Texas for continuing education or college classes? 1701.157(d) of the Occupations Code states a local law enforcement agency shall use money received under Subsection (a) only as necessary to ensure the continuing education of persons licensed under this chapter or to provide necessary training, as determined by the agency head, to full-time fully paid law enforcement support personnel in the agency. LEOSE funds are administered by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Services Division. If you have questions that are more detailed than the Occupations Code, you or someone at your department can contact the Executive Director of TCLEOSE at (512) 936-7711.

Do I need an instructor certificate to teach at an academy? TCLEOSE does not have a requirement, it is up to the training provider to select any requirements that they deem necessary.

If I have an instructor's certificate, can I report training? No, training can only be reported by a training provider or by the chief administrator of a department.

How do I get the required training to serve as a firearms proficiency officer for my agency? The chief administrator can appoint anyone they choose to be the firearms proficiency officer for purposes of annual qualification so there is no specialized training required.

What are the requirements for peace officers working off-duty jobs? TCLEOSE does not set those requirements, the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau establishes those requirements. There are some exemptions for law enforcement personnel under 1702.322 of the Occupations Code. Please call (512) 424-7710 or see the Private Security Bureau web site for additional information.http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/psb/index.htm

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How many hours does TCLEOSE require reserves to work? TCLEOSE does not have any requirements; this is a local agency decision.

I am the chief administrator of an agency and want to carry someone's commission. Is it OK that the person will not actually be working for my agency? If an individual shows to be appointed in any capacity by your agency, you may be responsible for any actions that person takes. It is highly advisable to contact the legal counsel of your governing body in order to determine if doing this would be in your agency's best interests. If you are "carrying" someone's license, they are considered working for you.

What is the rule that a chief administrator and city manager must comply with when they are hiring someone that already has a license? 1701.451 of the Occupations Code governs the hiring of licensees.

As a chief administrator, how can I find out what my responsibilities are regarding TCLEOSE? Rule 211.29 identifies the responsibilities of agency chief administrators. For more information, visit the Chief Administrator Information and Resources page of our web site.
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As sheriff, how can I determine if I am responsible for a jail/lock-up facility? If, during the calendar year, one of your county's prisoners spends 1 hour or less in a facility (public or private) in your county, then you are responsible for the jailers appointed or employed there. This responsibility includes appointment (Rule 217.7) and training (Rule 217.11) for all jailers.

Is the annual firearm proficiency requirement by fiscal year or by calendar year? Occupations Code Section and TCLEOSE rules refer to annual qualification and once a year, your agency should determine which is best and set a deadline.

As chief of police, what training must I have to keep my peace officer license active? 96.641 of the Education Code requires each police chief to receive at least 40 hours of continuing education provided by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute each 24-month unit.

As Constable, what training must I have to keep my peace officer license active? 1701.3545 of the Texas Occupations Code requires each constable to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education provided by the Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute each 48-month cycle.

As Sheriff, what training must I have to keep my peace officer license active? 1701.351 of the Occupations Code requires individuals appointed as peace officers to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education training every 24 month unit and 1701.352 requires specific courses to be completed during the 48 month cycle.

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What is a PID and why is everyone asking for my PID? Your Personal Identification Number (PID) is a unique computer-generated number assigned to individuals for identification in the TCLEOSE electronic database. If your agency has TCLEDDS, they can access this information for you. If you have recently been licensed or if you have purchased a photo ID license, your PID will be on either of those. Otherwise, you may call your TCLEOSE field agent or TLCEOSE headquarters to obtain your PID.

What are my responsibilities to TCLEOSE if I am not a licensee? Your responsibilities are identified under Rule 211.27.

If my department does not have a copy of my L-1 and other TCLEOSE documents, how can I get my file updated? Hopefully all the documents were sent to TCLEOSE and a call to the Credentialing Division can determine if TCLEOSE has copies they can send to you and your department. You may also want to contact your examining physician and psychiatrists/psychologist if your L-2 or L-3 are missing.

How do I become eligible to get my basic, intermediate, advanced, or master's certification? You must meet all proficiency requirements of Rule 221.1 and the requirements applying to your license type. If you are reported by an agency, these certificates are automatically generated and mailed to your department when the requirements are met.

When does my temporary jailer license expire? Temporary jailer licenses expire one year from the date of appointment or upon the third failure of the licensing exam.

How do I become eligible to receive a Telecommunicator Operator's Certificate from TCLEOSE? If you are reported by an agency as a Telecommunicator, when the Basic Telecommunications (Course 1013) is posted to your record the certificate is automatically generated and mailed to your department.

How do I report my training? Generally, the training provider or your agency will report your training. You should talk with them first if you suspect it has not been posted to your record. If your question is not resolved by them, please contact the Credentialing Division.

How do I get a waiver from continuing education requirements if I am called up for military duty? If you are subject to a military call-up, 1701.351(c) of the Occupations Code provides for a training waiver. Make sure you have a good quality copy of your orders and send them to the Credentialing Division at TCLEOSE with a note, with your current contact information, explaining your situation.

How do I keep my peace officer license active? 1701.351 of the Occupations Code requires individuals appointed as peace officers to complete at least 40 hours of continuing education training every 24 month unit and 1701.352 requires specific courses to be completed during the 48 month cycle.

What training must I have as a first time supervisor? In addition to the general training requirements outlined in Occupations Code Section 1701.351 for a peace officer, 1701.352(d) requires a first time supervisor to complete training about supervision issues within 24 months following the date of appointment as a supervisor. These hours may be counted as part of the 40 hours required every 24 month unit.

I hold a reserve officer license, what training must I have in order to keep my license active? 1701.352(e) of the Occupations Code requires individuals licensed as reserve officers must receive training in civil rights, racial sensitivity, and cultural diversity at least once every 48 month training cycle.

As a Deputy Constable, is there special training I must have to keep my peace officer license active? 1701.354 of the Occupations Code requires you to complete a 20 hour course of training in civil process during each 48 month training cycle. These hours may be counted as part of the 40 hours required every 24 month unit.

How do I keep my license active without being appointed? According to Rule 217.19(a) the commission will place all licenses in an inactive status when the licensee has not been reported to the commission as appointed for more than two years unless the licensee has met and continues to meet the continuing education required by Rule 217.11.

How do I report my training if I am not appointed with an agency? You will need to submit a written request to Credentialing Division for review of training; you will need to provide copies of certificates as proof of training. The certificates must have the name of the department where the training took place, date of training, and number of hours in order to be considered for credit.

When can TCLEOSE release my records? Your personal status report, a report of your training, certificates, and length of service is a public record and releasable to anyone that requests under Chapter 552 of the Government Code (Open Records Act). The F-5 separation reports are an exception unless the individual resigned or was terminated due to substantiated incidents of excessive force or violations of the law other than traffic offenses.

How do I correct errors on my TCLEOSE service records? First, gather your documentation and see the person in your agency that is responsible for training records to see if your local records also have these same items missing. Once your local record is correct, have these records sent to TCLEOSE through your agency chief administrator or training officer. We'll work with you and your agency to get the proper information included in your record.

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How do I update my contact information? You can update your address, telephone and email contact information by logging into your existing online training account or by creating an account on this web site.

How do I take the internet training courses provided by TCLEOSE? If you already have an account, login on our front page and it will take you to your training home page. If you don't have an account, register for a new account first.

How can I create an account? We now have new interface on our main page to create an account or to log into your existing account. Once you've established an account, login to (1) register for and take online training, (2) see your account information, and (3) access a list of courses you've taken during your law enforcement career.
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How do I get my training online user name or password? Submit a help desk ticket at https://tcleose.texas.gov/myTCLEOSEAccount/contact_support_help.cfm and request your password and email information will be sent to you.

I only see a few courses in the course catalog and should see many more, how can I correct this?. Your Training Online registration does not reflect your status as a Texas law enforcement officer. Please submit a help desk ticket at https://tcleose.texas.gov/myTCLEOSEAccount/contact_support_help.cfm or call us so that your training account can be updated.

I've registered for a course, but it does not open up when I click on it, how can I correct this? There may be two reasons for this error. The first is that your computer is blocking pop-up windows and you must set it to accept pop-ups from www.texas-poseit.org. The other reason may be that you have Vista computer and are trying to take an Authorware course. These older courses do not work on Vista. If you have a Vista computer, you can take the flash courses and any text based courses.

I am not able to take the final exam for the course but I have studied all of the material, how can I correct this? First make sure that all of the course modules have received a checkmark or a gold star. Contact poseit support if the course does not have all of the learning checks completed or if you have taken a learning check and the course has not given you credit for it.

My course is showing as completed on my training home page, but has not shown up in my TCLEDDS record, how can I correct this? Contact poseit support to resolve any problem where a completed TCLEOSE online course does not show up in your TCLEDDS records.

How do I get to POSEIT from your web site? You can reach POSEIT by logging in on our front page. Just use your existing user name and password. It will take you to a new page that looks a lot like the POSEIT home page and provides links to go to the POSEIT site to take or register for courses. We are in the process of creating a new TCLEOSE Training Online site to house the old POSEIT courses and we expect to deploy it sometime in Fiscal Year 2011.