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Agency 2014 Racial Profiling Reports for McCULLOCH County

Note: The link to the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Racial Profiling reports from the TCOLE website is no longer available on-line, but may be purchased for $35 (CD disk) through Open Records Request

Agency Name Filing Status Reason for Filing as Tier 1 or Tier 2 Chief Administrator and Agency Contact information* Date Filed
Online Electronic Report Agency Supplied Report
Agency No: 307201
Agency No: 307100
Partially Exempt (Tier 1) Audio/Video Equipped CLYDE E. HOWELL
Phone: 325-597-2290
Email: mccullochso@yahoo.com
Mailing Address:
300 West Main
Brady, TX 76825  
02/28/2014 View  

*Should you have any questions about the content of the report please use the agency contact information provided.

How to file a Complaint about an Agency Racial Profiling Report

TCLEOSE has no direct authority to investigate Racial Profiling complaints unless a violation occurs relating to an Agency’s Racial Profiling Report.  Anyone may register a complaint against an agency. If sufficient information and evidence are obtained during  a preliminary investigation to indicate there has been a violation of chapter 1701, Texas Occupations Code, Commission rules, or a violation of law related Racial Profiling, a full field investigation may be opened. Should you wish to proceed with filing a complaint complete “Complaint Form” (link to complaint form).