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The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) is a state regulatory agency charged with the responsibility of establishing, implementing, and maintaining standards for peace officers, county corrections officers, and emergency communications personnel. Its mission is to ensure a Texas where people are served by highly trained and ethical law enforcement and corrections personnel through screening, developing and monitoring resources, and setting standards. TCLEOSE is operated under a philosophy whereby we look to our laws for equity and justice. We believe in and strive to achieve a state where laws are enforced by well qualified persons with the highest standards of ethicsand accountability. We approach our responsibilities with a deep sense of purpose and commitment and we strive to conduct agency business with fairness and conviction.

Customer Service Goals

You should make formal requests for open public records in writing. TCLEOSE complies with current law and interpretations provided by the Texas Office of the Attorney General concerning this type of request. We respond to all such formal requests in the order of their receipt and without delay.

You should be aware, however, that TCLEOSE may not require that all requests for information be formalized and will provide available requested information without a formal request, if that meets your needs. Our public information representative Ms. Laura Le Blanc, contact Public Information, TCLEOSE (512) 936-7763, Fax (512) 936-776 or laural@tcleose.state.tx.us, can assist you  in determining whether your request for information should be submitted in writing.

TCLEOSE has no authority to investigate citizen complaints against law enforcement officers or agencies concerning services they provide or fail to provide, except and unless a violation of law or rule occurs related to  licensing, training, certification, appointment, or other related standards, or upon conviction of a covered criminal offense.

It is the policy of TCLEOSE and its executive director to receive courteously and investigate promptly your complaints, including anonymous complaints, concerning: the behavior and official acts of its employees; the quality and  impact of its programs, services, and rules; and to the extent authorized by law, the actions of its licensees.

TCLEOSE has two types of complaints: Informal and Formal.

Please visit our website for other information about TCLEOSE, its programs and services, its Commissioners, its hard-working staff, and the agencies and institutions with which it is affiliated.

We welcome comments regarding our services. Call us at 512-936-7700 or write to the executive director at:

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement
Officer Standards and Education
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