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Training Committees List and Draft Courses for Review

Volunteer Instruction

If you have an interest in serving on a TCLEOSE Curriculum Review Committee, forward the following information to Director John M. Helenberg at TCLEOSE, 6330 East Hwy. 290, STE 200 , Austin, Texas 78723 or laurie.abernathy@tcleose.state.tx.us. Please include the following information in your request packet:

  1. Letter of interest: Include name of committee you wish to join.
  2. Letter of endorsement from your agency's chief administrator.
  3. Resume: Discuss specific experience/education that qualify you as a subject matter expert in the area of request.

Current Committees

Draft Courses for Review

The curriculum(s) listed below are either new or have been recently updated. The Commission is asking for comments or feedback. Please direct your detailed written comments with suggestions for improvement to the contact listed beside the course.

# Course Contact