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TCLEOSE Training Online

Welcome to TCLEOSE Training Online. This Internet training program is free of charge to Texas law enforcement officers to assist them in economically maintaining their licenses. Currently, we have over 20 courses available including cultural diversity, the special investigative topics, identity crimes, asset forfeiture and amber alert, to name a few.

Currently Enrolled

If you were already a subscriber of POSEIT or have created an account on the TCLEOSE web site, you can log in to view your past courses on our main TCLEOSE page.

New to TCLEOSE Training Online

If you have never enrolled in TCLEOSE Training Online (POSEIT), the process is simple. Go to our main TCLEOSE page and click on the create an account link located below the site login section.

Training Assistance

More instructions and online advice will be coming. If you are experiencing problems please try to take the following steps in the order presented.

1. email us at Training Online Support if you cannot retrieve a lost password, or do see a completed course show up on your course list within 2 weeks.

2. Call us at (512) 936-7700 , Monday through Friday from 8:am to 5:00pm, if you are experiencing problems taking a course. You should ask for someone in Training Online Support and should be at a computer and logged into Training Online when you call.

Using Training Online

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